Meet Khadidra our CEO &  Founder.

Khadidra Muhammad is innovative and creative with a passion for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York to parents from the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. Khadidra has always displayed an affinity and desire for the arts while growing up. She would take on the task of coordinating events for family and friends. As Khadidra puts it, "it gave her a rush and surge of energy". This is when Khadidra realized she had found her passion and purpose!

After going to work for Corporate America, Khadidra kept her vision alive and decided to find a way to follow her dreams and aspirations. What began as a dream has now manifested into reality! Khadidra's style and creativity drew friends and family to hire her for their baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties and various other events. The astounding success of her events began to spread from word of mouth, and now with the successful launch of Priceless Event Planning, Khadidra is able to impact the lives of her clients with her passion, tenacity and creativity.

What makes Khadidra uniquely stand out from other event planners, is her ability to develop the small ideas of her clients and create an amazing and priceless art piece. Khadidra produces a movie of each event with her concepts and ideas, making each event memorable and breathtaking.

As Founder and CEO of Priceless Event Planning, Khadidra's primary vision and ultimate goal is personalizing each event so it's memorable and exceptional to each client. While her mission is striving to remove the stress and needless worry with the details of planning your next event; when you allow Priceless Event Planning to transform your event from thought to paper, the gift you will also receive is a lifetime of memories. You name it, Priceless Event Planning will deliver above and beyond!